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Wax Matches

Wax Matches

Wax matches are extremely light and ignite in one strike. The matchbox is made from fine grade duplex board. Splints are made of tissue paper rolled into small tubes and then coated by wax. The wax coating on the matches gives excellent splint strength, flawless flame and suitability in all weather conditions


                  We offer size of the

                        43 x 30 x 30

                        44 x 32 x 12

                        52 x 36 x 12

           Splints we of 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm

Packaging   – 10’s Packing in polythene/ Shrink / Printed Paper

                       100’s Packing in shrink/ Printed Paper

                        100’s packing 3 ply wood multi colour carton