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Cardboard Matches

Cardboard Matches

Cardboard match boxes are made using advanced grade duplex board and soft wood. The matches are   damproof.  Card board matches are used to light fireplaces campfires and in hotels, restaurants and home kitchens. Our range of matches is available in different size and packed perfectly to avoid moisture. These cardboard matches are highly safe and catch fire on the just one Sparkle.

 We are engaged in trading and exporting of cardboard match boxes that is especially manufactured and customized as per client specific requirements. The splints are made of  malabarica splints.

Colour of Head                       –       Black, brown, green, red

Side Friction                           –       Dotted with margin fully tinted

Packing Type                          –       3’s , 10’s, 5’s  packing in 

blue paper / printed paper/     –       Polythene packing

Secondary Packing                 –      Shrink packing/ Polythene                                                                                Packing Blue Paper Packing                                    

Tertiary packing                       –       In 3 ply Brown Master Carto                                                                           3 plyor5ply Multicolor  printed                                                                          Carton/ Bundle Sheet                                                             

Time required for delivery       –       40 days approx from the date                                                                             of confirmation           

Size of the boxes length of the splint No of splint per box
40 mm
40 mm
40 mm
40 mm